Friends and Family

In the book “The Good Earth” Wang Lung doesn’t treat his wife fear. He would tell her that she look plain and doesn’t fit to be a wealthy person wife. You should be happy with the family members you have. You wouldn’t know how important they are when you lose them. I have a family that I really loved but my parents keep on fight with each other. I wish they would stop and think about what they can do for us children. I know parents have problem they go through, so I try to understand them and help our around the house. I would help my sister whenever she needs help and I would chores around the house. It is a lot of work, but I do it so my mom would have less work to do when she gets home. I hope one day they would stop fight and get alone. I would always shed tears when they fight, but I don’t cry in front of them so they would be even more worry.


Friends can also be your family. You can go to them and talk about your problems. I have a lot of problems throughout my life and I have friends to get me through it. The problems that I had some of them have it too. So they can help me out, because they know what I am going through. I might be tough to go through your problems by yourself that why you have friends to go to talk too. Sometimes your family might be there for you, but your friends are always there. You can also hangout with your friends when you need to rest a little. It is better to have someone with you then be by yourself. I am happy with my friends that I have now and my new friends in the future.

Friend reunion   3 musketeerDC trip

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